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Food & Spice Adventure is a new company that wants to offer an exciting adventure into the infinite world of foods and spices. Our focus will be on foods and spices that are specific and unique for the different countries and regions of the world. Each country has some food or spice that has become directly associated with it or synonymous with the county’s name, symbolizing its specific climate, tradition and culture. The country’s identity can often be characterized by its famous food or spice. Curry is India. Paella is Spain and etcetera.

In the quest to enrich and excite the palate culinary fusion has also helped enliven dishes mixing different ethnic foods and spices. This is one of the more acceptable faces of globalization where traditional foods and spices of one community become easily accessible to other communities. This is also the case in the growing number of cities with more diverse cultures and multi-ethnical societies. We will attempt to make you duly informed of the new tendencies and representations of culinary fusion.

Furthermore there are distinct foods and spices that have undeservedly been undervalued and obscured or are known only to closed professional circles. Our mission is to bring them forward and make them recognizable to the wide audience.

Wild or cultivars? Choose for yourself as we make once again the wild available.
We also feel that there is a visible trend to rediscover ancient foods and spices that were popular among the indigenous population. As they reemerge revealing dietary and nutritious values suited to the modern day urban demand for natural and wholesome food they quickly gain popularity. There is nothing strange in this attraction as these forgotten foods have served as a staple diet for their native inhabitance for centuries before falling into culinary oblivion.
We explore the two intertwining roles of foods and spices as taste phenomena and a healing source.  Health is the direct result of our diet and eating habits.  Varied, original, wholesome food is the natural path to good health. We believe that food should not only be healthy but enjoyable. You need not pursue health through boring and tasteless food. Enjoy food and you create a positive stance and perspective on life. That may well be the explanation for the growing popularity of the Mediterranean diet as both palatable and healthy food clearly evidencing the benefit by the long life duration of its population.
We like to share our knowledge and experience with you, tell the story behind the product, advise how to evaluate quality and stay away from scams. We welcome the free exchange of information, ideas and recipes. We will update you on events, festivals, news and all kinds of intriguing facts from the vastly interesting culinary world.
As a new company our product range is small but carefully picked. We will move step by step to bring you more variety. Our principle is to spend time for each product so we can stand behind it a 100%.. The products offered by us are certified by national and international bodies for quality, origin and sustainability. Some of them are winners of local and international awards in their specific culinary category. In the end its better to have a few valuable and meaningful choices then to have an endless line of common, plain and inferior products to choose from.

Choose quality over quantity.

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